Tue, 18 Jun 2019

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  • NSRH29: Venezuela, SensibleMN & Drug Policy Reform



    In this edition of NSRH we talk with a couple advocates from SensibleMN who are working hard at the state capitol to reform cannabis prohibition and fix the troubled medical marijuana system here in Minnesota.

    But first, we continue our coverage of the situation developing in Venezuela and the controversy surrounding 21 Air LLC, an air cargo charter company the Venezuelans claim are part of a conspiracy to smuggle weapons to anti-Maduro rebels.

    Steffan Watkins is an open source intelligence analyst who we have enlisted to help follow the events unfolding …

  • NSRH28: Venezuela Weapons Smuggling Question, Border Wall & Bannon


    Sam and Terry saunter through the hall of mirrors trying to de-tangle the controversy surrounding claims made by the Venezuelan government that a covert shipment of weapons from the United States was captured. It is a developing story that NSRH will be covering closely and involves alleged secret airlines, reminiscent of Air America and the Iran Contra Scandal. 21 Air LLC is a cargo charter airline that has been flying in and out of Venezuela and Colombia since at least January. 21 Air LLC also works with GPS Air Inc who ALSO …

  • NSRH24: Land of Lost News [1/2]


    Part I of a (probably) two part series covering select under-reported news stories from 2018.
    No interviews but plenty of content nonetheless, and obviously, plenty of surveillance news that you may have missed.


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  • NSRH23: Ketamine Scandal


    In this edition of North Star Radio Hour, Andy Mannix breaks down his investigative reporting that exposed the fact that the Minneapolis Police Department and Hennepin County paramedics were sedating members of the public with Ketamine. This troubling revelation was just one of a series of police scandals that rocked Minnesota in recent years. Andy explains the facts behind the controversy, the response from elected officials, the investigation the City Clerk’s office launched to find out how the leak occurred. We also talk about the story of Brittany Buckley who was sedated …

  • NSRH23 BONUS: Ketamine Scandal


    We had so much content from NSRH23 that we had to cut from the radio broadcast but found too important to not share. Listen to Andy talk about how the leak investigation impacted his reporting, source protection and journalism generally, as well as a bit more about Brittany Buckley and more. Then, Michelle breaks important news regarding the BCA’s investigation into the Thurman Blevins shooting in North Minneapolis. She also talks about how she got involved with police brutality and accountability activism. Check out CUAPB’s website to get involved.


    Be sure

  • NSRH21: Al Ditty Finale


    In this edition of North Star Radio Hour, we conclude our investigative series examining the whistleblowing and tragic death of Alan Ditty. Al worked for the City of Minneapolis as a General Foreman in the sanitation department for 32 years before blowing the whistle on a Minneapolis Police Department plan to raid the protest encampment occupying the Fourth Precinct building in North Minneapolis. Al got nowhere pleading with his supervisors within his department and higher-up within the City. This dissent unsettled some within the MPD who bullied Al, …

  • NSRH20: Al Ditty, DEA License Plate Readers, Trump Saudi Business Ties & more!


    In this edition of North Star Radio Hour, Sam gets a door slammed in his face by a Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson. After meeting with someone from the County Attorney’s office and checking with the District Court Records vault due to bad information received from that very MPD PIO, it was time for an in-person attempt to finally get the Police on the record over the Al Ditty story. Remember, Teresa Nelson of the ACLU made it clear that the use of an administrative subpoena to unmask Ditty as the MPD whistleblower …

  • NSRH19: Hutch for Sheriff Update, Duluth Riot Gear, Mpls Regulating Police Surveillance & more!


    This edition of North Star Radio Hour starts off with an update from Dave Hutchinson who is running for Hennepin County Sheriff. We spoke with him previously on NSRH14. Following that, the show covers a plethora of national news, including the dilemma many voters of color are facing in Georgia and claims of disenfranchisement. Then, back here in Minnesota, we discuss the Duluth Police Department’s desire to acquire riot gear. In the Twin Cities, Sam shares some good news about the Minneapolis City Council and how they’re starting to consider regulations …