Wed, 19 Jun 2019

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  • Examining the Power of Aerial Surveillance – Part I

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    This is Part I of a series covering aerial surveillance in America.

    MINNEAPOLIS (NSP) – Americans by now are now familiar with concepts of domestic militarization and the growth of the surveillance state at least in a general sense. What is often lacking is specific, detailed information (sometimes by design) that helps the country visualize and deeply understand the issues at hand.

    Without precise knowledge of how these systems and programs are being used, We the People are not able to have a proper, informed and accurate debate on the use of advancements such as aerial

  • Spotlight: Niko Georgiades

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    In this – the inaugural edition of the Spotlight series – we speak with Niko Georgiades of the independent media collective Unicorn Riot. Niko and his media collective have been instrumental in the documentation of on-going protests not only in the Twin Cities but also around the country. Unicorn Riot broadcasts a live news show every week covering a wide variety of topics from activism to climate change.

    In our interview with Niko we speak about the First Amendment, independent versus mainstream media, Black Lives Matter, law enforcement surveillance and interference with livestream broadcasts,

  • Hillary Clinton Speaks at University of Minnesota – Praises Controversial Program and Law

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    At just before 4:00pm today at the McNamara Alumni Center of the University of Minnesota, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to curb domestic radicalization and fight Daesh aka ISIS.

    Clinton was introduced by former Vice-president and prolific Minnesotan Walter Mondale who gave her a resounding endorsement before the crowd of roughly 1,000. Mondale declared, “there is no one I trust more in the oval office.”

    The crowd would have been larger but the campaign demands an RSVP from those interested in viewing the speech – needless to say, many were turned away at the

  • Protesters Disrupt Minneapolis City Council Meeting & Hold Candlelight Vigil for Jamar Clark

    Michelle Gross of CUAPB hauled out of friday’s City Council meeting.

    Reporting by Sam Richards.
    Photojournalism by Alexa Aretz.

    Minneapolis City Council meetings are usually not as lively as the one this morning. Shortly after the gavel struck, calling the Council to order, three protesters stood up and disrupted the proceedings. Later on, a vigil and march was held outside MPD Fourth Precinct.

    Michelle Gross, veteran activist with Communities United Against Police Brutality, was the first to speak. Gross strongly dissented against the lack of leadership from elected officials and mismanagement by the Minneapolis Police Department(MPD) in response to the

  • UPDATED // Minneapolis Protests Shooting of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis Police

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    What We Know

    Jamar Clark, 24, a resident of North Minneapolis was shot in the head by Minneapolis police (MPD) officers on Sunday the 15th at around 1:00am.

    Witness and MPD accounts of the incident vary which has fueled protests demanding answers and justice (more on the protests below). Teto Wilson, a local business owner, has been quoted by several news agencies stating that he observed MPD handcuff Clark, slam him into the ground and furthermore insists that he was not resisting. Lisa Neal Delgado, another witness, noted that Clark was on the ground when he

  • FBI Spy-planes Used for Counter-Drug Investigations

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    A home in Gastonia, North Carolina was raided on November 3rd by a law enforcement team lead by the FBI. The raid was the culmination of a three year investigation into an alleged crack cocaine distribution ring according to the Gaston Gazette. Weeks prior to this, aircraft from the FBI aerial surveillance fleet had been circling over Gastonia.

    The North Star Post reported on the whereabouts of the FBI aerial surveillance fleet for months. Our weekly reports gave the American people a sense of the size, scope and other nuances of the surveillance operation.


  • MN Department of Public Safety Spokesman Lied to Press about Surveillance Technology

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    Given today’s revelations about the long suspected capabilities of Stingray and similar cellphone surveillance equipment, the sins of the past are coming to light. At least one high level law enforcement official within Minnesota lied to the press and the public about the power of these technologies.

    According to documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), cell-site simulators which go by names like Stingray and Kingfish, are much more advanced than previously believed. These tools enable the government, from Federal down to local, the ability to snoop on and record the content of cellphones.