Wed, 20 Feb 2019

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  • NSRH6: CellHawk & ACLU Legislation


    Until now, Hawk Analytics and their product CellHawk have remained hidden from the public eye. CellHawk is a call detail record (CDR) analytics tool used by police departments and private investigators around the United States. Records indicate Hawk Analytics, which employs six people, nets over a million dollars a year. On social media, Hawk Analytics brags that “hundreds of agencies and law enforcement professionals [use] CellHawk.” From their corporate literature it is clear that CellHawk is used in Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Indiana, Colorado, California, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Nebraska, Texas, Georgia and Minnesota.…

  • NSRH4: Al Ditty Part III

    North Star Post has obtained a trove of emails between the Minneapolis Police Department and KARE11 via public records request.

    The emails reveal that Rita Hathaway, KARE11 Managing Editor, then and now, received Allen’s tip email and immediately forwarded the entire email – address and all – to MPD spokesperson Scott Seroka. Seroka started working for the MPD in 2014, before that he was a reporter with KARE11.

    Another tip received on the TV station’s tip line was forwarded, content and identifying information included, to the MPD. This particular email was not nearly …

  • NSRH3: Fighting the Surveillance State


    As ‘Restore the Fourth Minnesota’ had a revival meeting this week, pledging a renewed fight for surveillance reform, NSRH turns to these topics.

    Our first interview is with Tony Webster who returns with news of a victory in the Minnesota Supreme Court. His survey of metro police departments via public records request hit an unexpected road bump when the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office obfuscated his efforts which eventually devolved into a protracted legal battle. Read his report and listen to a previous interview.

    Next, we speak with a surveillance reformer by …

  • NSRH2: Al Ditty Part II

    Sam continues the investigation by reaching out to the City, Kare11, NBC Universal, and the law firm that took over from Al Ditty’s lawyer. After that, we feature two interviews for some perspective. The first interview is with Scott Libin who teaches journalism at the University of Minnesota – we get his take on the story from a journalistic ethics angle.  Next up, Sam sits down with attorney and friend of the show, William Tilton of St. Paul for some insight into some of the legal issues involved.


  • NSRH1: Al Ditty Part I

    Our first episode is part I of a multipart series investigating the Al Ditty story. He was a dedicated public servant, son, brother & whistleblower who took his own life following what his family alleges was a vindictive attack by the City of Minneapolis. In blowing the whistle, Al ensured the Fourth Precinct protest encampment had several additional weeks to prepare for the raid that would ultimately shutdown the occupation. The City was determined to make an example of Al after KARE11 forwarded his email to the police.

    Part I provides an overview …

  • ICYMI #22: CFAA & Password Sharing – Jamie Lee Williams (EFF)

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    Jerod interviews Jamie Lee Williams, legal fellow with the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) about the expansive Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA). A recent ruling by Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals criminalized password sharing under the CFAA. This episode covers the security research implications, problems that could arise, and much more.

    As Williams wrote “EFF has long warned, read broadly, the CFAA can be used to turn millions of ordinary computer users into criminals. This leaves innocent people to only hope that a prosecutor will not decide

  • ICYMI #20: Reprieve – Shelby Sullivan-Bennis

    Shelby Sullivan-Bennis, Staff Attorney with joins Jerod to talk about Guantanamo Bay, indefinite detention, issues of policy, Obama’s promise to close the detention facility, surveillance chilling effect on attorney client privilege, and more.

    From Reprieve – “We are a non-profit organization of lawyers and investigators assisting those facing detention without trial, execution and extra-judicial killing.”

  • ICYMI #19: Jared Yates Sexton – Inside a Trump Rally

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    Sam talks with Jared Yates Sexton who covers the 2016 election and has been inside the strange and sometimes frightening world of Trump 2016 and his supporters.

    From his website:

    “Jared Yates Sexton was born and raised in Southern Indiana and received his MFA from Southern Illinois in 2008. He’s the author of three collections, a crime-novel, and works as a political correspondent and Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Georgia Southern University.”

    Check out Atticus Review, especially Jared’s coverage of the Trump campaign.

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