Coalition and Russian Airstrikes allegedly killed up to 600 civilians in November

Coalition and Russian Airstrikes allegedly killed up to 600 civilians in November

Syria’s White Helmets were frequently called out following alleged Russian airstrikes – as here at Al Bab on November 21st. Photo courtesy of

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IRAQ and SYRIA — A report released by the independent monitoring group claims Russian and Coalition airstrikes against ISIL in Iraq and Syria allegedly killed between 464 and 653 civilians in November.

Airstrikes in Syria have been on the upswing since the tragic attacks in Paris on November 13. Since then, Britain and France have extended their air campaigns in the region and Russia has entered the fight as well.

The Coalition campaign, dubbed Operation Inherent Resolve, preformed a record 529 airstrikes the month of November, according to AirWars and Department of Defense reports.

Reports of alleged civilian casualties also saw an increase during November with AirWars investigating 18 alleged incidents with fatalities ranging between 129 to 152 non-combatants killed.

Nine of the events were declared to be fairly reported and credible, according to AirWars. In those nine incidents, 67 to 90 civilians were reported killed with the majority of them in Iraq.

The majority of civilian casualties for the month of November were claimed by Russian airstrikes, according to monitors and media reports. The Kremlin began using heavy bombers on November 17 and since then there have been 98 reports of civilian casualty incidents.

The total claimed civilian casualties for Russian airstrikes is 394 to 414 killed. AirWars stated they are still working to confirm these numbers but due to the large number it has been difficult.

Other monitoring groups have been working to confirm these numbers as well with the Violations Documentation Centre reporting that in two months Russian airstrikes have killed 835 non-combatants compared to the Coalition’s 302 since September 2014.

The Syrian Network for Human Rights reports that Russian airstrikes have killed 152 children and 60 women and the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported similar numbers.

As of December 21, 2015, the Coalition led campaign has preformed 9,011 strikes, killed 23,000 ISIL fighters and has dropped over 31,000 bombs in Iraq and Syria, according to AirWars.

As of November 15, the total cost of the Coalition campaign is $5.2 billion with the average daily cost being $11 million, according to the Department of Defense.

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