“FBI Sky Spies” Flew 115 Times from Sept. 8th – 14th

“FBI Sky Spies” Flew 115 Times from Sept. 8th – 14th

N969PL – FBI surveillance aircraft. Atypical port visible on airframe above landing gear.

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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) flew 35 surveillance aircraft September 8th through the 14th. 115 surveillance flights in total were flown which is slightly less than the previous week.

Aircraft were airborne over California everyday (8th – 14th) except for Saturday the 12th.

Burke, Virginia which has been under near perpetual aerial surveillance since The Post began these weekly audits, was targeted repeatedly during this timeframe by the FBI.

The Northeastern U.S. was heavily focused on, including three long range flights that pass over multiple states. Examples of these flights are posted below.

Sept. 8th

Sept. 12th

Sept. 14th

Whether or not these flights are transitory in nature is irrelevant. The true issue with flights of surveillance aircraft that overfly several of our nations most densely populated areas is whether or not the cell phone and other surveillance equipment on board is active during these flights. Furthermore, what is being done with the data that is being scooped up, especially on those not involved in any active FBI investigation.

It is essential to bear in mind that the issues of judicial or other oversight as well as internal review processes for these surveillance missions are not publicly shared by the government.

The Department of Justice has yet to respond in any clear terms through several Freedom of Information Act requests seeking answers to these questions. Similarly, the Post has yet to receive clear responses to relevant questioning from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The hometown of the North Star Post, Minneapolis, and the suburbs to the northwest, namely Maple Grove were under aerial surveillance on September 11th and 14th.

Sept. 11th – St. Louis Park, Minneapolis, and Maple Grove, MN.

Sept. 14th – St. Louis Park and NW Suburbs of Minneapolis, MN.

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