Former DEA Supervisor and Employee Lied About Strip Club Ownership

Former DEA Supervisor and Employee Lied About Strip Club Ownership

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NEW YORK — An investigation by the FBI, IRS and Office of the Inspector General found two DEA employees had lied about their ownership of a strip club in New Jersey, according to an OIG press update.

David Polos, 51, was formerly an Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge with the DEA and supervised the Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Strike Force. Glen Glover, 45, worked as a DEA Information Technology specialist who assisted in narco trafficking investigations domestically and abroad.

The two men were found to have lied about their ownership of a New Jersey strip club during the background check process conducted by the DEA. Polos and Glover submitted National Security forms in 2011, which investigators found, contained false statements including the omission of their side job.

An investigator also found Polos was engaged in an intimate relationship with a Brazilian dancer at the club, which Polos omitted from forms. DEA policy dictates that employees must disclose relationships with foreign nationals in order to conduct an extensive background check.

Employees at the club warned Polos and Glover on multiple occasions about illicit drug and sexual activity taking place inside and outside of the club, according to the investigation. The club also operated as a “cash only” business and did not pay required taxes in its first year of operation, the investigation found.

The two men acted as mangers at the club, often taking care of club matters during DEA business hours.

“David Polos and Glen Glover had important and sensitive law enforcement jobs that required honest answers to national security clearance forms,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

“Their actions were not just a betrayal of their oaths as DEA employees, but as the jury found, a violation of federal law,” Bharara said.

The two men were convicted of one count of conspiracy to make false statements and one count of making false statements. Polos faces an additional charge of false statements in connection with his failure to disclose his relationship with a foreign national. Each count carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison.

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