ICYMI #15: James Mahaffey – ‘Atomic Accidents’ & Nuclear Energy

ICYMI #15: James Mahaffey – ‘Atomic Accidents’ & Nuclear Energy

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[James]:”I think we are the only country in world that has nuclear power that doesn’t have a plan for what to do with the waste.”[17m25s]

Jerod and Dr. James Mahaffey have a fascinating conversation about nuclear energy, atomic age history, accidents that befall such science, nuclear power in a modern context and much more. Mahaffey has written books on nuclear energy and is a well regarded scientific historian on the subject. He hails from government and private nuclear energy projects including The two also discuss America’s energy future, pros & cons of nuclear energy, disposal of waste, etc. A great solution seems to be melting waste into glass, click play below and listen to hear more!

[Jerod]:”Are there other options other than reprocessing or burying nuclear waste?”

[Mahaffey]:”They looked at a lot of different things, one was to put it on rockets and orbit it around the sun… another was to crash land it on the moon… there were a whole list of things, most of which are impractical by secondary effects… what if a rocket lands in somebody’s backyard?”[18m24s]

More about Jim Mahaffey from his Amazon page (where you can find his books):

“Dr. James Mahaffey (Jim) holds a bachelor of science in physics and master of science and doctoral degrees in nuclear engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. During a 25-year career at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), he directed or worked on projects for the U. S. Defense Nuclear Agency, the U. S. National Ground Intelligence Center, the U. S. Air Force Air Logistics Center, Georgia Power Company, and other government and private industrial organizations, in such areas as nuclear power, non-linear analysis, digital systems design, and cold fusion. He directed a multi-million-dollar project at Georgia Power’s Plant Hatch to design and install a safety system after TMI. He left Georgia Tech to work in nanotechnology as Head of Advanced Research at Nanoventions Inc. in Roswell, Georgia, and later as Director of Technology for AIR2, a company with headquarters in Maryland. He is now a full-time writer and consultant.”