Meet the Independent Press – MTIP #1

Meet the Independent Press – MTIP #1

Image: Business Insider

Recorded June 3rd, 2016

A panel discussion with five independent media-makers covering a sweeping variety of media, societal, political and other issues. MTIP covers under-reported news items, cuts through the spin of corporate media and works to balance the civil discourse.

MTIP will likely be broadcast every other week featuring a rotating panel comprised of members of the independent media. Stay tuned to our twitter and this website for announcements, future plans for MTIP and more!

Meet the independent panel

Host: Sam Richards (Editor-in-Chief — North Star Post)
Producer: Canin Apriori (Creator — DigiSnaxx)
Contributor: Paul Gottinger (Editor — Reader Supported News)
Contributor: Niko Georgiades (Producer — Unicorn Riot)
Contributor: Jerod MacDonald-Evoy (Editor — North Star Post)

Show breakdown

Intro [0:00-4:09] — We called the wrong number trying to get ahold of Niko, joking through the handshake phase and introductions.

Segment I [4:10-11:20] — Turkey, crackdown on opposition media, Operation Inherent Resolve, strange alliances.

Segment II [11:21-23:00] — Bob Kroll, culture of corruption within Minneapolis Police Department, ‘Copaganda’, media accountability and ethics, Jamar Clark & Black Lives Matter, role of objectivity, access journalism, editorial decision-making, power politics in Minneapolis.

Segment III [23:01-57:44] — Sacredstone protest camp in opposition to pipeline development, American Indian media coverage, media ownership locally, coverage of social justice activism versus militia movement by corporate media, race and media, Fourth Precinct Shutdown, sensationalism, use of the label “terrorist”, motivations within mainstream and independent media, changes in the media economy and relationship between news organizations and their audience, faux objectivity, click-bait, facebookization of news, & more!

Be sure to check out Unicorn Riot, Reader Supported News & DigiSnaxx.

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