National Guard Spy-planes Operating in Violation of Federal Code

National Guard Spy-planes Operating in Violation of Federal Code

Credit: Jake Melampy

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Updated June 2nd to separate the article from it’s parent (which was published March 3rd) and to include new documents & graphics.

Aerial surveillance is not only being conducted by law enforcement, DHS, DEA, FBI (and others) but also the military. The National Guard is operating a fleet of highly capable C-26 surveillance aircraft. “Air Cerberus Inc” is a non-existent company used solely for the purposes of registering seven aircraft. The company quite clearly traces back to the National Guard Bureau headquarters. A spy-plane belonging to the National Guard was active recently circling the Superbowl in California.

Air Cerb is Nat Guard

Registering aircraft to fake companies allegedly provides a measure of operational security according to the various agencies that employ the tactic. Cloaking aircraft in this way also ensures that operations continue without the knowledge and therefore scrutiny of the public. The decision to name their cover company after a mythological beast that guards the gates of the underworld, keeping the dead from escaping is alarming. Surveillance programs often have disturbing iconography.

Nat Guard Fleet

It is profound to come to the realization that the military is operating manned spy-planes domestically, and compounding that is the fact that this program is not in compliance with Federal mandates, and hasn’t been for at least four years. The Federal Aviation Administration and the US Code of Federal Regulations require all aircraft to maintain current registration, without which an aircraft is not considered airworthy. Operating an aircraft in this condition can result in prison time and hefty fines.

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faa felony airworthiness

The FAA takes this type of infraction very seriously as is evident from an earlier investigation of mine which resulted in an Orange County Sheriffs Department aircraft being grounded. Repeated requests for comment were ignored but more will be made. Further information will be published upon receipt of outstanding Freedom of Information Act requests. The FAA is working closely with North Star Post and is “very interested” in the domestic flight activity of the National Guard.

NSP assisted in the investigative analysis of documents obtained by Yael Grauer pertaining to the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center. Included in the 600+ page pdf were several memos between military and police officials. That section includes information about C26 counter-drug and other aerial surveillance operations and details for separate stories later on. Follow her work here as well.

Thumb through the image gallery above. Inside you’ll find key documents such as cancelled aircraft licensing, international flight activity, close-ups of surveillance pods, legal warnings, agreements with a Fusion Center in Arizona and more…[Bottom left icon for full screen].

Updated – 3:00pm, June 2nd: to separate the above article from it’s parent and to include new documents & graphics.
Updated – 6:13pm, June 2nd: to include documents obtained by Yael Grauer i.e. Arizona Fusion Center contracts and MOUs which referenced C26 operations.

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