No Fly Zone In Place Over #NoDAPL Protests

No Fly Zone In Place Over #NoDAPL Protests

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#NoDAPL No Fly Zone

An image of the no fly zone in place over #NoDAPL protests in North Dakota.

CANNONBALL, N.D. — The Federal Aviation Administration has instituted a no fly zone over the No Dakota Access Pipeline protests, which comes a day after an announcement by the Army Corp of Engineers stating they intend to close protester encampments by December 5.

The no fly zone is approximately 4.6 miles in size and is scheduled to be in place until December 2, according to the FAA’s website.

A representative with the North Dakota Tactical Operation Center stated they could not provide additional information on the exact reasons why the no fly zone was instituted and that an FAA spokesperson would be available for comment on Monday.

On the FAA’s page, they quote Title 14 CFR section 91.137(a)(1) as the authority allowing them to create the zone.

The exact section of the law being quoted by the FAA states; “Protect persons and property on the surface or in the air from a hazard associated with an incident on the surface.”

The traffic control center responsible for monitoring the air traffic in the area is the Minneapolis Air Route Traffic Control Center based out of Farmington.

The announcement by the FAA comes on the heels of a letter written by the Army Corp of Engineers sent to Chairman Dave Archambault II of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe asking him to tell protesters to leave the area and head to designated “free speech zones.”

The letter states that anyone found on the encampments by December 5 will be considered trespassing and are subject to arrest.

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