NSRH3: Fighting the Surveillance State

NSRH3: Fighting the Surveillance State


As ‘Restore the Fourth Minnesota’ had a revival meeting this week, pledging a renewed fight for surveillance reform, NSRH turns to these topics.

Our first interview is with Tony Webster who returns with news of a victory in the Minnesota Supreme Court. His survey of metro police departments via public records request hit an unexpected road bump when the Hennepin County Sheriffs Office obfuscated his efforts which eventually devolved into a protracted legal battle. Read his report and listen to a previous interview.

Next, we speak with a surveillance reformer by the name of Brian Hofer who chairs the Oakland Privacy Commission and is active with Oakland Privacy. Hofer played a key role in efforts that ultimately lead to unprecedented regulation of police surveillance technology.

Finally, Oscar Corral explains the aspirations of his new activist group called LibreMN. Despite being a new group, LibreMN has already hosted technology workshops, aided seniors with data security, and has an ambitious legislative agenda. LibreMN and Restore the Fourth MN are looking for new members and have announced planning meetings, the next of which is 6:30 P.M. on May 8th at 4200 Cedar Ave S., Minneapolis.



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