NSP Talks with Rashad Turner – #BlackLivesMatter Organizer / St. Paul School Board Candidate

NSP Talks with Rashad Turner – #BlackLivesMatter Organizer / St. Paul School Board Candidate

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Rashad Turner, best known for his role as an organizer for the Black Lives Matter movement, is running for a seat on the School Board in St. Paul. The Turner campaign enjoys the support and endorsement of the Minnesota Green Party and activist groups in the Twin Cities. We asked a few questions to present as a candidate profile and high-lite civic action through ‘write-in’ candidacy. The #WriteinRashadTurner campaign platform is available here.

What effectively does a seat on the St. Paul School Board mean?

“It means bringing the voice of the most disenfranchised and impoverished communities and students to the table and making sure their needs are met just as the needs of our districts top students and families are met.”

Sum up your campaign and what it means for the BLM movement?

“My campaign has been very grassroots which is exactly what Black Lives Matter St. Paul is about; organizing the people for the greater good of the community. Education is another area where the injustices and disparities disproportionately affect black and brown students, our kids are our future and we cant continue to not prepare them for success in the future.”

How do you reach those who believe strongly in the cause of Black Lives Matter but do not believe that change can come through voting? Have you run into this problem during your campaign?

“I think I tried really hard to get face to face with people so they could really get the real picture of who I am and how passionate I am about having an opportunity to do whats best for students. I haven’t run into it too much, there actually has seemed to be a lot of excitement and optimism, and it’s getting me pretty pumped up as well!”

How much money has your campaign raised

“Less than $300.00. However, we have passed out over 15,000 flyers throughout the city and I really believe that We the People are stronger than any dollar amount that others in the race have.”

Where will you be watching to results come in from?

“We will be having an election night party at Ferns in St. Paul starting at 6pm.”

Good luck, there are a lot of eyes on your campaign!

“Thank you very much!”

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