NSRH15: Al Ditty, Doctors w/o Borders, Stillwater Prison Lockdown & more

NSRH15: Al Ditty, Doctors w/o Borders, Stillwater Prison Lockdown & more


We start this edition of North Star Radio Hour with an important update to our on-going investigation into the Al Ditty whistleblower story. Sam sits down with Teresa Nelson, the Legal Director for the ACLU of Minnesota. The two discuss the legalities surrounding the subpoena that the MPD used to identify Al as the whistleblower, who setup an email account to anonymously leak police plans to KARE11.¬†Teresa confirms our previously held suspicion that issuing a subpoena in this way is not in accordance with the law, especially given the fact that Al was never under criminal investigation. Furthermore, she points out that using ‘Obstruction of Legal Process’ as the justification for that subpoena was not within the constitutional limits of that particular crime and that the police should have and likely knew that fact.

Then, we head to the Commons in downtown Minneapolis for an exhibition put on by Doctors Without Borders called Forced From Home. Participants took part in a guided tour hosted by aid workers that experienced the refugee crisis firsthand. From start to finish, the tour is an hour long, however you could skip straight to the 3D, virtual reality video dome if that was more your speed.

Later, Sam interviews IWW activist David Boehnke to figure out what is really going on in the Stillwater Prison. Media and the Department of Corrections claimed that the lockdown their ended, but prisoners and activists point out that a “modified” lockdown is still active. The prison administration currently only allows prisoners several hours of time outside of their cells, a situation that Boehnke states is dangerous and could turn violent.

We close this edition of NSRH off with a slew of under-reported news:


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