NSRH16: Voting Machine Hacking, Minneapolis 2040 Plan & Carol Becker

NSRH16: Voting Machine Hacking, Minneapolis 2040 Plan & Carol Becker


Interviews take up most of the time allotment for this edition of North Star Radio Hour.

Sam interviews Jake Braun, former Department of Homeland Security White House Cyber Security Liaison and Co-founder of the DEFCON Voting Village. The two discuss the alarming, but repairable, vulnerabilities in voting machines. Next Thursday, Braun and the hackers of the Voting Village will present their findings to Congress.

Later on, Sam interviews John Edwards of WedgeLive! fame about the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan, his coverage of neighborhood and city politics, Neighbors for More Neighbors, and the kooky Carol Becker. Becker, seemingly without understanding her actions, has been trying to steal the WedgeLive! brand from Edwards presumably due to criticism he levied against her in the past.

Since these interviews took up most of the time we only had one story for the under-reported news segment: some very good news related to surveillance — shocking, right?  Finally, please consider donating to KRSM to continue the great work of the station.


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