NSRH18: Revised Minneapolis 2040 Plan, Trump Inheritance, Exomoon & more!

NSRH18: Revised Minneapolis 2040 Plan, Trump Inheritance, Exomoon & more!


In this edition of North Star Radio Hour, John Edwards returns to explain what changed with the Minneapolis 2040 Comprehensive Plan following a period of revisions. John shares his disappointments with the new plan, and explains where his group Neighbors for More Neighbors would like to see things go. The two discuss the troubling history of Minneapolis planning which includes racially exclusionary zoning and how that is impacting the City to this day.

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It’s not all bad news in this edition, John also shares some funny stories that happened during his reporting on these issues at neighborhood meetings and elsewhere. Finally, we couldn’t let this episode conclude without an update on the legal foibles of Carol Becker, who is trying to scoop up the name WedgeLIVE using dubious legal tactics.

Prior to that interview, Sam shares some exciting astronomy news — the first ever discovery of an exomoon! He also reports on the sweeping New York Times investigation into Trump’s inheritance, and how those revelations obliterate his self-mythology of being a self-made man. And in under-reported news, Sam talks about a report from The Daily Beast regarding a neoconservative group creating fake news in an attempt to swing the Senate race in Texas.

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