NSRH20: Al Ditty, DEA License Plate Readers, Trump Saudi Business Ties & more!

NSRH20: Al Ditty, DEA License Plate Readers, Trump Saudi Business Ties & more!


In this edition of North Star Radio Hour, Sam gets a door slammed in his face by a Minneapolis Police Department spokesperson. After meeting with someone from the County Attorney’s office and checking with the District Court Records vault due to bad information received from that very MPD PIO, it was time for an in-person attempt to finally get the Police on the record over the Al Ditty story. Remember, Teresa Nelson of the ACLU made it clear that the use of an administrative subpoena to unmask Ditty as the MPD whistleblower was improper at the very least since he was never under criminal investigation.

After waiting for some time outside Room 100 in City Hall for a conversation with the MPD, John Elder opened the door and handed Sam a letter which is posted below. Emails, also posted below, show why it is difficult to understand how Elder can make the argument that he was previously unaware that the subpoena (which was attached multiple times in requests for comment) was not approved by a judge. In one email Sam questions Elder saying “I attached the subpoena in question. There is no signature belonging to a judge on the document because it is an administrative subpoena.” Partially due to the fact that subpoenas are never signed by a judge — that would be a warrant. This letter is clearly an attempt to pass the buck and therefore responsibility of unlawful use of subpoena power, onto the County Attorney’s office.

After having the door slammed in his face, Sam momentarily stepped outside City Hall before heading back to try and speak with someone higher up the chain-of-command. Proceeding to the Office of Police Administration, Sam ran into John Elder and chased him down to ask some of the questions he’d been trying to since Spring. Listen to that encounter in the final segment of the show.

We also cover a lot of under-reported national news in this edition of NSRH, including:

  • A report¬†exposing Drug Enforcement Administration use of license plate readers hidden inside roadside speed signs.
  • A report¬†of American mercenaries active in Yemen, described by some as a “murder squad.”
  • Trump’s business ties to Saudi Arabia, which may be why he’s handling the Khashoggi case poorly.
  • The FBI’s recent raid of government offices in San Juan, PR.
  • More alarming problems with voting in Georgia.
  • A report from Portland, OR. questioning why the Police kept quiet a right-wing weapons cache they found overlooking a protest.
  • CNN analysis calling out GOP hypocrisy when it comes to the debt and their plan to use the issue to cut entitlements.




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