Op-ed: Surveillance State Poem

Signal Intelligence its a whole new ball game.
Spying on a peaceful demonstration?
Shame Shame Shame.
Minneapolis, Minnesota The Land Of 10,000 cover ups,
the land where the Alphabet boys call the shots overlords for the local cops.
Blue Meanies coordinating with Fusion Centers,
digital battlefield, officers and soldiers hiding behind computers.
Digital Spies without checks and balances, fabricated social profiles to perpetuate divisiveness.
Dis-info campaigns glowing bright on the screen,
disguising Six corporations manufacturing misleading news feeds,
as the sheeple stare blankly hypnotized from the programming.

Infra sound frequencies invisibly hitting you all day,
propagating from the speakers as there expelled with sound waves.
Keep One Eye Open; your mind awake and aware,
challenge yourself, for everyday life grants you a new dare.
Open your heart and put your fist in the air,
feel the warmth of Mother Earth smiling knowing that you care.
Love your neighbor, treat others how you wish to be treated,
and With spies all around make sure to mask up as you scream it,
The People United Shall never be defeated!