Our Principles

Independent media is often at the forefront of the fight to bring the truth out and inform the public about critical issues. Voices independent of government, corporate or other influences have been sorely absent during this crucial time period in our collective history. The North Star Post will be one such organization, free from ideological or other lenses which cause distortion, and will never shy away from a relevant story for fear of reprisal. We seek to become a trusted pillar within the fourth estate, one worthy of your readership and support. That being said, we will pay special attention to the realm of civil liberties and justice.

America is, and has been, at a crossroads for some time now. It seems every other week we learn of activities of our government and the powerful that have a tremendous impact on the world, our Constitution, the environment, the economy, and the future itself. We take the responsibility of disseminating information to our readers very seriously and for that reason have laid out the core principles that make up the heart and soul of the North Star Post.

1 ) The Post will remain non partisan and even non ideological as to not distort the facts we publish.
We will follow the code of ethics laid out by the Society of Professional Journalists and use that code as the basis for all of our reporting.

2 ) The use of anonymous sources will be only under extreme conditions and verification of the authenticity of those sources will be clearly communicated in our publications. The motivations of sources as well as relevant background information will also be strenuously tested for merit and accuracy.

3 ) Not only will we present the entirety of the issues, events, and news we discuss, we will always aim to publish material in terms of how it fits in to the larger context. For example, many news organizations present two commentators with diametrically opposed viewpoints and treat those circumstances as though they reflect reality when in fact, there is much nuance and other facets of those issues. This type of simplification has proven to be hazardous to our democracy and intellect in general.

4 ) When you read that someone quoted in the Post is an expert, you can be sure that they are genuinely a certifiable master of that topic. Looseness with the label of expert is another hallmark of modern mainstream journalism. Often times, newspapers will publish extremely biased or even incorrect information and attribute it to an expert when in fact that person is merely the member of a well established group with an agenda.

5 ) The actual facts written and broadcast by this newspaper will be checked. Unfortunately this is something that needs to be expressed as fact checking has become a secondary tenet of many news outlets.

6 ) Jurisprudence will lead our reporting on issues involving the legal system. We will avoid commenting in a way that will influence active proceedings of the judicial system, and will not use our influence to cast individuals in any way shape or form other than that which the facts dictate. The Post believes everyone has the right to a fair trial and that the media has a duty to report on certain matters of the judiciary but not interfere with those matters except in cases of corruption.

7 ) When we glean information from others we will diligently attribute their efforts.

8 ) Issues of pop culture and non-news will be avoided as if it were contagious. Our goal is not to generate a large readership through sacrificing coverage of truly important news items. Journalism, not entertainment is what drives our efforts.

9 ) Our relationship with our advertisers and commercial partners will be well known and we will never favorably report on anything due to those relationships. Alongside that ethic, if our readers vocalize concerns about a particular business relationship we have, their grievances will be listened to intently. Parent companies of major media organizations are spared from investigations and their misdeeds largely go unknown.

10 ) Similarly, we will not shy away from decrying the practices of fellow news outlets should those practices be deemed unethical.

11 ) The Post will always acknowledge and correct our mistakes and will operate with an open policy towards readers that find something wrong with what we have done. We aim to become well respected and foster a voice of civility. Listening to those who dissent against us for whatever reason will be key to that effort, and is key to a healthy democracy overall.

12 ) Our organization will never yield in its quest for independence. This includes seeking to oppose control and censorship of our organization in all forms within reason.