Philando Castile Killed by St. Anthony Police, was Fully Compliant & Shot Point Blank

Philando Castile Killed by St. Anthony Police, was Fully Compliant & Shot Point Blank

[Updated] 10:00 P.M., July 7th with photos from the protest in Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS (NSP) – Just following the unwarranted street execution of Alton Sterling in Louisiana, another despicable shooting happened in Minnesota. Philando Castile was shot multiple times at point blank by St. Anthony Police. After midnight the Department issued a statement saying Castile had died.

The BCA and Federal Government have been requested to investigate.

The frequency with which these shootings are happening in this country is nauseating.

The American People should recognize the pervasive disparities of our society and not tolerate street executions.

By all reports, Philando Castile was a good man, whose child was sitting in the backseat of the car.

Castile immediately informed the officers he was in possession of a weapon and that he could show them his firearms licensing (something he wasn’t legally compelled to do under Minnesota law).

Despite being completely compliant with the orders of the police officers, Castile was shot four times at point blank range.

Images from the July 7th vigil and protest via Alexa Aretz, NSP Chief Photojournalist are posted below. The ACLU estimated the crowd to number over 5,000.

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There is also doubt about the reason for the traffic stop in the first place. Rashad Turner tweeted an image of what appears to be the same car from the video with both tail lights in working condition.

A vigil and protest left JJ Hill Montessori School after gathering at 5:30 P.M. and our Chief Photojournalist Alexa Aretz was there. This story, including new information, images from the vigil and protests will be continuously added to this page so stay tuned for updates. Check out Unicorn Riot for live coverage as well.

The girlfriend of Castile live-streamed the encounter:

Problems at the St. Anthony Police Department?

The retiring Chief of the St. Anthony Police Department was interviewed recently and discussed many pertinent issues in relation to this tragic shooting.

In the interview, retiring Chief John Ohl made several false statements. He said, “You want to hear some statistics? We arrest about 12 million people every year… We use deadly force in effecting arrests about 400 times a year. [American police] kill about 400 people a year in effecting arrests.”

He went on to say –

“Because news media makes money on the pain of others. That’s what happens. If it bleeds, it leads… There’s a reason for that. Because people want to see that. So the news media shows it. And what sells better than a bad cop?”

According to Five Thirty Eight the yearly body count is much higher. In 2016 alone, already lists over 600 victims.

Unfortunate that already, the words of non-credible authorities carry such weight. This is a problem with local media considering the treatment of this Chief and others such as Bob Kroll.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman spoke at the July 7th rally and called the killing of Castile “unacceptable.”

Castile’s girlfriend also spoke.

Aerial shot via Fox9

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