Protesters Disrupt Minneapolis City Council Meeting & Hold Candlelight Vigil for Jamar Clark

Protesters Disrupt Minneapolis City Council Meeting & Hold Candlelight Vigil for Jamar Clark

Michelle Gross of CUAPB hauled out of friday’s City Council meeting.

Reporting by Sam Richards.
Photojournalism by Alexa Aretz.

Minneapolis City Council meetings are usually not as lively as the one this morning. Shortly after the gavel struck, calling the Council to order, three protesters stood up and disrupted the proceedings. Later on, a vigil and march was held outside MPD Fourth Precinct.

Michelle Gross, veteran activist with Communities United Against Police Brutality, was the first to speak. Gross strongly dissented against the lack of leadership from elected officials and mismanagement by the Minneapolis Police Department(MPD) in response to the on-going protests. She advocated for MPD to adopt a limited liability insurance plan, similar to those mandated for medical and other professionals. Limited liability insurance could prove effective in maintaining professionalism and limiting abuses of authority.

After Gross was removed from Council chambers, Dave Bicking briefly echoed her dissent and was quickly followed by Jan Nye. All three activists were escorted into the hallway where an impromptu press conference took place.

Alexa Aretz, Photojournalist in Chief for the Post captured the protest.

During the hallway press conference, Michelle Gross who boasts over 25 years of activism surrounding these issues, levied some pretty heavy allegations against the state investigators. Including that the state investigators intimidated witnesses of the Jamar Clark shooting by pointing guns at them and saying, “You had better not say what you saw, or you’re going to be as dead as that kid over there.”

Later, at around 4:30pm, activists gathered for a candlelight vigil held for Jamar Clark at the makeshift camp known as #4thPrecinctShutdown. Following prayers and speeches denouncing the city government, law enforcement and other rallying calls, a march headed to the location where Clark was shot by MPD.

Late Thursday at the occupation of the Fourth Precinct, outside agitators fueled by racism and organized on 4chan, arrived to instigate problems and “troll” the protesters. At least one firearm was brought with and bragged about on a video while the agitators were en-route. In an email thread leaked to the Post the same group threatened to return tonight and plans further instigation, harassment and intimidation.