Mon, 17 Jun 2019

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  • Trudeau Well Received by International Community at G20 Summit

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    Prime Minister Trudeau just attended the G20 Summit in Antalya, Turkey over the weekend to meet with several world leaders and received very enthusiastic rounds of applause during and after his several speeches. For the most part he reiterated the talking points that got him elected and shared them with the world. He spoke on his plan to stimulate the economy by planning a 3 year C$10B annual deficit to allow spending on things that will help grow the economy in the long term. Trudeau talked about how long term investments in infrastructure and as well

  • TransCanada Pushes on with Keystone Pipeline Despite Veto From Obama

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    The Keystone project was originally the brainchild of the TransCanada corporation and is designed to transfer oil from Alberta’s oil sands to the United States for refinement and eventually export to foreign markets. More specifically, phase four of the project “Keystone XL” is a proposed pipeline that would take a shortcut route to refineries in the US that would project an increase from 590k barrels per day to 830k barrels a day coming into the US from Canada. The idea for Keystone has been under development since 2005, and in 2007 the Canadian government approved construction

  • Canada’s Ready for Liberal Leadership at Last

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    Voter apathy within the youth vote has been rampant for a long time in Canada but it’s great to see a political awakening that’s been taking place slowly due to the information access provided by the internet. There absolutely is systemic corruption within the halls of our government and moreover voters are choosing between a lesser of the two evils (or in this case 3). However not voting and allowing the misinformed to be tricked into voting for the political ideology that is not currently favored will slowly stack up regression. Progressive