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  • FBI Spy-planes Used for Counter-Drug Investigations

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    A home in Gastonia, North Carolina was raided on November 3rd by a law enforcement team lead by the FBI. The raid was the culmination of a three year investigation into an alleged crack cocaine distribution ring according to the Gaston Gazette. Weeks prior to this, aircraft from the FBI aerial surveillance fleet had been circling over Gastonia.

    The North Star Post reported on the whereabouts of the FBI aerial surveillance fleet for months. Our weekly reports gave the American people a sense of the size, scope and other nuances of the surveillance operation.


  • Dozens Arrested at Police Chiefs Meeting in Chicago

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    Sixty-six people were arrested outside the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Chicago on Saturday. Hundreds took part in the protest, which occurred outside the conference where thousands of officers from across the US gathered. Activist groups organized the protest to bring attention to Chicago’s long history of police violence towards African-Americans and to call for city funds to be shifted from policing into investment in social programs.

    Protesters locked arms with PVC pipes at multiple intersections around the conference and shut them down. As a result, traffic around the conference was blocked

  • DEA Operating Warrantless Surveillance Aircraft Fleet Over U.S. and Abroad

    Courtesy John Wiseman

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    The United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is operating a fleet of surveillance aircraft over locations within the United States as well as “foreign environments,” according to Jeffrey Stramm special agent in charge of DEA aviation division.

    The Administration does not “get warrants for public space surveillance,” Stramm said in a phone call with The Post. He went on to say that this surveillance program is in accordance with Title 21 United States Code.

    While Stramm wouldn’t confirm the number of aircraft that make up the fleet, our investigation identified 92 aircraft (as

  • “FBI Sky Spies” Flew 115 Times from Sept. 8th – 14th

    N969PL – FBI surveillance aircraft. Atypical port visible on airframe above landing gear.

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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) flew 35 surveillance aircraft September 8th through the 14th. 115 surveillance flights in total were flown which is slightly less than the previous week.

    Aircraft were airborne over California everyday (8th – 14th) except for Saturday the 12th.

    Burke, Virginia which has been under near perpetual aerial surveillance since The Post began these weekly audits, was targeted repeatedly during this timeframe by the FBI.

    The Northeastern U.S. was heavily focused on, including three long range flights that

  • FBI Flew Surveillance Aircraft 143 Times First Week of September

    Newly surfaced photo of FBI spy-plane N326PS

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    The FBI flew 48 surveillance aircraft over American cities for a total of 143 flights from September 1st – 7th. We wrote last week that the then current total was a “high benchmark.” It looks as though the first week of September out did that sentiment.

    Burke, Virginia was concentrated on so heavily that not a single day went by without surveillance aircraft overhead. Communities to the southwest of Washington D.C. frequently are overflown and circled by these aircraft.

    The states of Texas, New Jersey and New York saw

  • FBI Flew Surveillance Aircraft 122 Times in 7 Days [Aug 25 – 31]

    Domestic spyplane over Disneyland.

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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation flew 46 of 100 surveillance aircraft a total of 122 times during the seven day period of August 25th through the 31st. This is a high benchmark in the overall activity of the domestic spy-plane fleet.

    The FBI, in speaking with the Associated Press, stated that these flights are “above the board.” With such a high number of flights, many times concentrated in the same States and cities across the U.S., that claim does nothing but placate those who wish to hear no more news of government

  • FBI Sky Spies Weekly Update [Aug 18 – 24]

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    The FBI flew surveillance aircraft at least 93 times in the seven day period between August 18th and the 24th. Out of the entire fleet of 100 aircraft, 39 were flown above cities of varying size, and on several occasions over nature preserves, college campuses and even amusement parks. The Twin Cities were surveilled, or at least circled by one aircraft which flew a surprisingly large circle around the entire metro that reached all the way to Somerset, Wisconsin.

    The Post has been conducting these weekly audits for several weeks now, and this author, after