Fri, 24 May 2019

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  • Fourth of July & the Beginnings of the United States

    Today is the Fourth of July, a day marked with celebrations featuring fireworks, barbecues and beer. The day commemorates the signing of a document that informed Britain that the American colonies no longer recognized the rule of the Crown and were declaring their sovereignty. What lead the Founding Fathers to declare independence needs to be understood by modern Americans.

  • DHS Developed ERAD Device Used by Law Enforcement to Seize Your Money

    Follow Michael on Twitter. Jerod MacDonald-Evoy & Jason Hernandez contributed to this report.OKLAHOMA – The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety recently were forced to stop using 16 devices used to scan and seize money from debit cards without victims being convicted or even charged with a crime. The public outcry forced the this department to cease use pending further review and training. ERADs remain in use by law enforcement across the United States.

    The technology, “Electronic Recovery and Access to Data” or ERAD, was originally developed by the Department of Homeland Security through the Science and Technology Directorate’s First Responder

  • ICYMI #18: Tony Webster – Freedom of Information & Land of 10,000 Cameras

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    Sam interviews public records researcher Tony Webster. Webster has begun receiving documents from a lawsuit against Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office. These emails, documents, and other revelations paint a disturbing picture of government secrecy and the creation of a digital panopticon here in Minnesota. NSP has been furthering the investigation and will be publishing our results very soon.

    Real-time facial recognition camera networks, crowd iris scan, behavioral recognition enhanced by artificial intelligence, and other Orwellian advancements will all be upon us soon.

    This lawsuit will be remembered as

  • National Guard Spy-planes Operating in Violation of Federal Code

    Credit: Jake Melampy

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    Updated June 2nd to separate the article from it’s parent (which was published March 3rd) and to include new documents & graphics.

    Aerial surveillance is not only being conducted by law enforcement, DHS, DEA, FBI (and others) but also the military. The National Guard is operating a fleet of highly capable C-26 surveillance aircraft. “Air Cerberus Inc” is a non-existent company used solely for the purposes of registering seven aircraft. The company quite clearly traces back to the National Guard Bureau headquarters. A spy-plane belonging to the National Guard was active recently circling