Thu, 25 Apr 2019

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  • ICYMI #9 – Lynn Walsh of SPJ – #AccessDenied

    Jerod talks with Lynn Walsh, president-elect of the Society of Professional Journalists. Lynn and the SPJ have been working in collaboration with MuckRock to launch a projected called #AccessDenied. This project will shine light on the obstructionist tactics used by some public information officers around the country and hopefully force positive changes.

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  • Head of Minneapolis Police Federation has History of Lawsuits, Violence, Racism

    Bob Kroll courtesy Kare11

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    MINNEAPOLIS — A local group named Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee released a report claiming Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the Minneapolis Police Federation, has an existing racial bias and points out multiple disciplinary actions against him.

    The report contains links to stories by other various news outlets with reports of lawsuits brought against the Minneapolis Police Department as well as the city and specifically Kroll himself.

    In 2009 a lawsuit was brought against Kroll and other members of MPD regarding an off duty motorcycle club whose website featured members

  • ICYMI #3 – First Amendment

    ICYMI #3 – First Amendment

    Jerod interviews Joseph Russomanno Ph.D associate professor at Arizona State Cronkite School of Journalism where he focuses on First Amendment law and theory. Russomanno has had an impressive career in broadcast journalism and is the recipient of several awards including a regional Emmy award.

    The two discuss First Amendment issues, how they relate to a free press and the future of free speech.

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  • Failed Twitter Protest Ignites Conversation on Race

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    A small group on Twitter interrupted the near unanimous excitement over the new Star Wars trailer with the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII around midday Monday, expressing anger over the casting of several people of color but particularly black actor John Boyega.

    What initially began as a handful of users accusing the film of “promoting white genocide” quickly developed into a series of tweets both condemning the racism and praising the diverse cast.

    Users @genophilia (“End Cultural Marxism”) and @DarklyEnlighten (“Lord Humungus”) contributed to the early eruption of tweets and once the hashtag began trending it snowballed into hundreds

  • Our Principles

    Our Principles

    Independent media is often at the forefront of the fight to bring the truth out and inform the public about critical issues. Voices independent of government, corporate or other influences have been sorely absent during this crucial time period in our collective history. The North Star Post will be one such organization, free from ideological or other lenses which cause distortion, and will never shy away from a relevant story for fear of reprisal. We seek to become a trusted pillar within the fourth estate, one worthy of your readership and support. That being said, we will pay special attention …

  • NSP EDITS // The Hill: Iran Deal “Dangerous”

    The Power of Wording

    One is not an expert simply because they are a member of an ideologically driven institution with an agenda.

    This trend is not new, and it is a familiar problem to many journalists, critical thinkers and those fearing that our society has drifted down a frightening Orwellian path.

    The heaviness of the word “expert,” especially in fields most Americans are not well versed in themselves, is dangerous to throw around.

    People flock to publications like The Hill and other D.C. based outfits of journalism, as they should believe is wise, in order to understand and defer