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  • The Quarterback Controversy in Minnesota

    The Quarterback Controversy in Minnesota

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    After barely squeaking out non-conference wins against Colorado State and Kent State in consecutive weeks, it looks as thought the Minnesota Gophers football team could be preparing to go a different direction at the quarterback position.

    True freshman quarterback Demry Croft has been splitting first team reps with Mitch Leidner this week and has been the more polished of the two players, according to a source with knowledge of team activity. The flashes Croft has been showing in practice, coupled with the excruciating incompetence of the offense thus far, makes pulling his redshirt a likely move

  • Vikings vs 49ers Recap

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    After months of fan anticipation, national optimism and even a Super Bowl prediction by NFL Network’s Heath Evans, the Minnesota Vikings (0-1) fell flat on their face in Monday night’s sloppy season opener against the San Francisco 49ers (1-0).

    In the first regular season game in their new stadium, San Francisco outperformed the Vikings in almost every aspect of the game en route to a 20-3 victory. The win silenced a lot of doubters of a 49ers team that saw a massive overhaul of players this off-season.

    After the key defensive losses of

  • FBI Sky Spies Weekly Update [Aug 18 – 24]

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    The FBI flew surveillance aircraft at least 93 times in the seven day period between August 18th and the 24th. Out of the entire fleet of 100 aircraft, 39 were flown above cities of varying size, and on several occasions over nature preserves, college campuses and even amusement parks. The Twin Cities were surveilled, or at least circled by one aircraft which flew a surprisingly large circle around the entire metro that reached all the way to Somerset, Wisconsin.

    The Post has been conducting these weekly audits for several weeks now, and this author, after

  • Secrecy Within the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

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    It is no secret that Minnesota law enforcement generally want to keep hidden from the people new technology that conduct surveillance and monitor people. Just review the past several years of my blog on matters such as Stingray, KingFish, and to some extent automatic license plate readers, among other topics I have written about.

    It was through data request’s that I found out that at least the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), even though the data was limited, owned or operated cellular exploitative devices, such as Kingfish and Stingray. It took the questioning by the State

  • BAE Systems Building “Future Weapons” in Minneapolis

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    This is Part I of the North Star Post series on the local military industrial complex.

    BAE Systems Inc. an international defense contractor is building what can only be described as future-weapons for the United States military. Components for these advanced weapons platforms are being designed, developed, and manufactured right here in Minneapolis. Just what is being created here? The BAE website calls them an, “entirely new gun that will change the Navy forever.”

    The “gun” is more like a cannon, and the cannon is more like something you’d see in a science fiction flick. The proper name