Fri, 24 May 2019

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  • Op-ed: Reaction to Star Tribune ‘Readers Write’ for May 14

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    The Star Tribune has a whole lot more readers than the humble North Star Post at this juncture. They also have a much larger staff and readership that feels compelled to emotionally react to their articles. The May 14th edition of their ‘Readers Write’ column features a distasteful combination of all of these factors.

    “Nekima Levy-Pounds’ activism is unconstructive, intrusive” reads the sub-header underneath the title. People familiar with the reaction Levy-Pounds receives seemingly every time she speaks publicly will not be surprised about the “substance” of that reader’s commentary. Teresa Maki of Minnetonka (which is

  • Op-ed: Surveillance State Poem

    Op-ed: Surveillance State Poem

    Signal Intelligence its a whole new ball game.
    Spying on a peaceful demonstration?
    Shame Shame Shame.
    Minneapolis, Minnesota The Land Of 10,000 cover ups,
    the land where the Alphabet boys call the shots overlords for the local cops.
    Blue Meanies coordinating with Fusion Centers,
    digital battlefield, officers and soldiers hiding behind computers.
    Digital Spies without checks and balances, fabricated social profiles to perpetuate divisiveness.
    Dis-info campaigns glowing bright on the screen,
    disguising Six corporations manufacturing misleading news feeds,
    as the sheeple stare blankly hypnotized from the programming.

    Infra sound frequencies invisibly hitting you all day,
    propagating from the speakers

  • Op-Ed: Shadow Army of Informants

    Op-Ed: Shadow Army of Informants

    North Star Post published this opinion piece by George Webb Sweigert due to the importance of the issues raised by the author.

    The American public just doesn’t believe we have 100,000 paid informants spread out in every one of our major cities. This is the same nation that dumped over 550,000 young men to Vietnam, a nation much smaller than California. We do indeed have a standing army of at least 100,000 paid informants in the shadows of America, and they are entrapping middle class Americans in a host of schemes to get paid.

    By the FBI ‘ s own

  • Op-Ed: Socialism – Who thought it would be a good idea?

    Op-Ed: Socialism – Who thought it would be a good idea?

    Randy May |

    One thing I’ve grown extremely upset with over the years is how socialism has been given some sort of negative connotation. In everyday conversations with friends and family it’s used almost as a weapon. This weapon’s payload being that you’re anti-American if you believe in more social systems when it comes to the operations of the United States. I remember originally studying political systems in high school and learning about socialism and thinking that it seemed like the best option. Were my friends and family sick during those lectures or has too much time elapsed since