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  • Meet the Independent Press – MTIP #1

    Image: Business Insider

    Recorded June 3rd, 2016

    A panel discussion with five independent media-makers covering a sweeping variety of media, societal, political and other issues. MTIP covers under-reported news items, cuts through the spin of corporate media and works to balance the civil discourse.

    MTIP will likely be broadcast every other week featuring a rotating panel comprised of members of the independent media. Stay tuned to our twitter and this website for announcements, future plans for MTIP and more!

    Meet the independent panel

    Host: Sam Richards (Editor-in-Chief — North Star Post)
    Producer: Canin Apriori (Creator — DigiSnaxx)
    Contributor: Paul

  • Feds Again Refuse to Bring Charges Against Police Who Killed Jamar Clark

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    Noting the high threshold required by US federal law to bring civil rights charges against the officers involved in the Jamar Clark shooting, the Minneapolis FBI today announced there will be no indictment against the Minneapolis police involved. This concluded the second federal inquiry into the November shooting death of unarmed Jamar Clark.

    FBI officials explain that it was “not enough to show that the officers made a mistake” and that the FBI had to show the officers “specifically intended to commit a crime” and deprive Clark of his constitutional rights.

    Repeatedly stating the requirement that

  • Transgender Discrimination, Depression, Identity and Resilience


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    According to The National Transgender Discrimination Survey by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, within the 119 respondents from Arizona, 47 percent reported attempting suicide at some point in their life.

    The rates of depression and suicide in transgender youth are staggering compared to the rest of the population.

    A number of factors intertwine to make mental illness, specifically depression, almost a norm within the transgender community.

    Vern Harner, Arizona State University graduate student and research assistant focusing on LGBT issues, initially became aware of the