Tue, 25 Sep 2018

Articles Posted in the " Social Justice " Category

  • ICYMI #13: Heather Hamel – Justice That Works

  • ICYMI #12 – Marco Calamari: GlobaLeaks & Whistle Blower Protection

  • ICYMI #11 – Will Gaona: ACLU vs Arizona Legislature

    Jerod talks with Will Gaona, Policy Director for the ACLU in Arizona. The two talk about controversial bills being considered by the Arizona Legislature. Specifically, a proposed ban on filming the police, anti-choice legislation, …

  • ICYMI #10 – Freddy Martinez: Chicago Police Surveillance

    Sam and Jason fill in for Jerod to interview Freddy Martinez of the non-profit Lucy Parsons Labs in Chicago. Martinez won a major public records case against the Chicago Police Department specifically over their use …