Wed, 19 Jun 2019

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  • Cellebrite: What You Need to Know About Cell Phone Forensics

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    Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous devices that handle, create, and store massive amounts of information about our lives.

    Law enforcement agencies have spent tens of millions of dollars on technology and training to seize a large trove of data on any given smartphone. Cellebrite has emerged as a leading supplier of cellular data seizure technology. Cellebrite produces software and mobile terminals that are used to physically copy data off of seized cell phones–data that might not be shared over a connection that can be intercepted.

    Smartphones are often the best source of information on their users, which

  • Hillary Clinton Speaks at University of Minnesota – Praises Controversial Program and Law

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    At just before 4:00pm today at the McNamara Alumni Center of the University of Minnesota, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton outlined her plan to curb domestic radicalization and fight Daesh aka ISIS.

    Clinton was introduced by former Vice-president and prolific Minnesotan Walter Mondale who gave her a resounding endorsement before the crowd of roughly 1,000. Mondale declared, “there is no one I trust more in the oval office.”

    The crowd would have been larger but the campaign demands an RSVP from those interested in viewing the speech – needless to say, many were turned away at the

  • Thousands March Around the Globe for Climate Action – 200 Arrested in France

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    The Global Climate March this year has resulted in hundreds of thousands activists marching in over 2000 events around the world, but a protest in Paris was disrupted by clashes between the protesters and riot police Sunday.

    Demonstrators gathered in the Place de la Republique and police fired tear gas at the group. The small group was apparently protesting against France’s state of emergency, as an order banning public gatherings was implemented following the November 13 attacks in the city. Some participants of the group were masked.

    24 activists were placed under house arrest by French

  • Head of Minneapolis Police Federation has History of Lawsuits, Violence, Racism

    Bob Kroll courtesy Kare11

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    MINNEAPOLIS — A local group named Twin Cities IWW General Defense Committee released a report claiming Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the Minneapolis Police Federation, has an existing racial bias and points out multiple disciplinary actions against him.

    The report contains links to stories by other various news outlets with reports of lawsuits brought against the Minneapolis Police Department as well as the city and specifically Kroll himself.

    In 2009 a lawsuit was brought against Kroll and other members of MPD regarding an off duty motorcycle club whose website featured members

  • Protesters Disrupt Minneapolis City Council Meeting & Hold Candlelight Vigil for Jamar Clark

    Michelle Gross of CUAPB hauled out of friday’s City Council meeting.

    Reporting by Sam Richards.
    Photojournalism by Alexa Aretz.

    Minneapolis City Council meetings are usually not as lively as the one this morning. Shortly after the gavel struck, calling the Council to order, three protesters stood up and disrupted the proceedings. Later on, a vigil and march was held outside MPD Fourth Precinct.

    Michelle Gross, veteran activist with Communities United Against Police Brutality, was the first to speak. Gross strongly dissented against the lack of leadership from elected officials and mismanagement by the Minneapolis Police Department(MPD) in response to the

  • UPDATED // Minneapolis Protests Shooting of Jamar Clark by Minneapolis Police

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    What We Know

    Jamar Clark, 24, a resident of North Minneapolis was shot in the head by Minneapolis police (MPD) officers on Sunday the 15th at around 1:00am.

    Witness and MPD accounts of the incident vary which has fueled protests demanding answers and justice (more on the protests below). Teto Wilson, a local business owner, has been quoted by several news agencies stating that he observed MPD handcuff Clark, slam him into the ground and furthermore insists that he was not resisting. Lisa Neal Delgado, another witness, noted that Clark was on the ground when he

  • Alleged Teenage Attacker of CIA Director’s Email Remains at Large – Posts New Stolen Data

    image courtesy

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    A Twitter user posted the contact information of federal, state, local and even foreign law enforcement agents Thursday in an apparent protest over U.S. policy towards Palestine. This is the same person that allegedly hacked the personal accounts of CIA Director John Brennan and DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson two weeks ago.

    The information was available on text sharing sites and linked to from Twitter accounts similar to those used by the person sharing documents from CIA Director Brennan’s AOL account two weeks ago. The text documents shared list names, email addresses, titles, agency