Wed, 19 Jun 2019

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  • #MillionMaskMarch draws crowds globally as Anonymous releases 500 names of alleged KKK members

    A protester outside Senator John McCain’s office during the Million Mask March in Phoenix. Photo by Jerod MacDonald-Evoy

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    PHOENIX — Protesters gathered outside Senator John McCain’s office in Phoenix as part of a global day of protest organized by the hacktavist group Anonymous which coincided with the release of over 500 names of people associated with the Klu Klux Klan, according to the group.

    The Phoenix protest had around 70 people in the afternoon marching and chanting, according to one protester. However, Phoenix Police spokesman Lt. Orender stated they believed the crowd only reached 50 people

  • Anonymous to Name Prominent KKK Members

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    Hacktivist group Anonymous appeared to have published dozens of email addresses and phone numbers allegedly belonging to members of the Ku Klux Klan late Sunday, in an attempt to out U.S. senators and mayors as members.

    However, the information dump known as #OpKKK/#HoodsOff, was almost instantaneously met with public denials by politicians and a twitter account not affiliated with Anonymous came forward taking responsibility for the dump.

    The twitter account that released the data wrongfully accusing government officials of being members of the KKK was @sgtbilko420 (“Amped Attacks”), who proceeded to tweet that the act was

  • ICYMI #3 – First Amendment

    ICYMI #3 – First Amendment

    Jerod interviews Joseph Russomanno Ph.D associate professor at Arizona State Cronkite School of Journalism where he focuses on First Amendment law and theory. Russomanno has had an impressive career in broadcast journalism and is the recipient of several awards including a regional Emmy award.

    The two discuss First Amendment issues, how they relate to a free press and the future of free speech.

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  • Failed Twitter Protest Ignites Conversation on Race

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    A small group on Twitter interrupted the near unanimous excitement over the new Star Wars trailer with the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII around midday Monday, expressing anger over the casting of several people of color but particularly black actor John Boyega.

    What initially began as a handful of users accusing the film of “promoting white genocide” quickly developed into a series of tweets both condemning the racism and praising the diverse cast.

    Users @genophilia (“End Cultural Marxism”) and @DarklyEnlighten (“Lord Humungus”) contributed to the early eruption of tweets and once the hashtag began trending it snowballed into hundreds

  • Dozens Arrested at Police Chiefs Meeting in Chicago

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    Sixty-six people were arrested outside the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Chicago on Saturday. Hundreds took part in the protest, which occurred outside the conference where thousands of officers from across the US gathered. Activist groups organized the protest to bring attention to Chicago’s long history of police violence towards African-Americans and to call for city funds to be shifted from policing into investment in social programs.

    Protesters locked arms with PVC pipes at multiple intersections around the conference and shut them down. As a result, traffic around the conference was blocked

  • City of Bloomington Fails to Comply with “Unambiguous” Open Government Law Alleges Civil Suit


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    The City of Bloomington has violated multiple state laws in regards to transparency and openness of government alleges a suit by public records investigator Tony Webster. Most severe of the allegations against the City, which was responsible for policing the recent Black Lives Matter protests at the Mall of America, includes that staff intentionally deleted data responsive to legitimate public records requests as well as other illegal obstructionism and has failed to uphold Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA) obligations.

    The matter will appear in court before Judge Laurie Miller for oral arguments on