Sun, 26 May 2019

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  • ICYMI #3 – First Amendment

    ICYMI #3 – First Amendment

    Jerod interviews Joseph Russomanno Ph.D associate professor at Arizona State Cronkite School of Journalism where he focuses on First Amendment law and theory. Russomanno has had an impressive career in broadcast journalism and is the recipient of several awards including a regional Emmy award.

    The two discuss First Amendment issues, how they relate to a free press and the future of free speech.

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  • Failed Twitter Protest Ignites Conversation on Race

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    A small group on Twitter interrupted the near unanimous excitement over the new Star Wars trailer with the hashtag #BoycottStarWarsVII around midday Monday, expressing anger over the casting of several people of color but particularly black actor John Boyega.

    What initially began as a handful of users accusing the film of “promoting white genocide” quickly developed into a series of tweets both condemning the racism and praising the diverse cast.

    Users @genophilia (“End Cultural Marxism”) and @DarklyEnlighten (“Lord Humungus”) contributed to the early eruption of tweets and once the hashtag began trending it snowballed into hundreds

  • Dozens Arrested at Police Chiefs Meeting in Chicago

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    Sixty-six people were arrested outside the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) conference in Chicago on Saturday. Hundreds took part in the protest, which occurred outside the conference where thousands of officers from across the US gathered. Activist groups organized the protest to bring attention to Chicago’s long history of police violence towards African-Americans and to call for city funds to be shifted from policing into investment in social programs.

    Protesters locked arms with PVC pipes at multiple intersections around the conference and shut them down. As a result, traffic around the conference was blocked

  • Samsung Washing Machines Exploding Prompting Consumers to Push for Recall

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    Are you a consumer operating a top load washing machine manufactured by Samsung? If so, look out, debris and water may be flying across your house and causing damage to your property and potentially harming your loved ones.

    Samsung top loading washing machines can be seen in YouTube videos (posted below) and elsewhere online clearly critically damaged by what can only be described as explosions. Often times, the large volumes of water these machines contain spill near electrical cords and outlets following a shower of metal components and other hazardous shrapnel. The only thing preventing these

  • U.S. to Continue Arming Syrian Rebels as Russia Conducts Operations Against Those Same Rebels

    Secretary of Defense Ash Carter speaking with British Defense Secretary Michael Fallon before a NATO defense ministers meeting in Brussels. Photo courtesy NATO.

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    WASHINGTON — Leaders within the Department of Defense have continued to condone Russia’s action in the region and stated they will continue to arm rebel groups in Syria while pursuing a “political transition” to end the now four year civil war.

    In a statement by Pentagon Press Secretary Peter Cook, the DoD said it will continue to work with coalition partners as part of the ongoing Operation Inherent Resolve in addition to arming

  • U.S. Cybersecurity Lacking – DoD Says Cultural Shift Needed

    Chief Information officer for the Department of Defense Terry Halvorsen. Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense.

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    WASHINGTON — According to a Department of Defense official, a change in culture is needed in order to protect the United States Military and economy from cyber threats.

    Last week officials from the government and private sector met that the 6th Annual Billington Cybersecurity Summit. Speakers at the summit hailed from the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense, NSA, the Israel National Cyber Bureau and Northrop Grumman to name a few.

    “What keeps me awake is ‘Will we get the

  • FBI Flew Surveillance Aircraft 122 Times in 7 Days [Aug 25 – 31]

    Domestic spyplane over Disneyland.

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    The Federal Bureau of Investigation flew 46 of 100 surveillance aircraft a total of 122 times during the seven day period of August 25th through the 31st. This is a high benchmark in the overall activity of the domestic spy-plane fleet.

    The FBI, in speaking with the Associated Press, stated that these flights are “above the board.” With such a high number of flights, many times concentrated in the same States and cities across the U.S., that claim does nothing but placate those who wish to hear no more news of government