WikiLeaks Releases Emails From Former CIA Chief John Brennan

WikiLeaks Releases Emails From Former CIA Chief John Brennan

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WASHINGTON — The organization WikiLeaks has released a series of emails from former Director of the Central Intelligence Agency John Brennan’s personal email account that detail issues such as Iran and torture.

Brennan used the personal email account occasionally during a three-year period from 2005 to 2008 after he replaced General Petraeus, according to WikiLeaks. During this period Brennan formed the intelligence and analysis firm The Analysis Corp (TAC), which aided in security efforts for then Senator Obama’s presidential campaign.

The first set of emails leaked contain a form filled out by Brennan detailing personal information, a fax regarding a legal battle between the CIA and TAC, an intelligence position paper, recommendations to the next president regarding Iran and two documents about the United States and torture techniques.

One of the emails from the Vice Chairmen Christopher Bond of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence spoke about ways to ban certain torture techniques while still remaining “flexible” to intelligence agency’s needs to use them.

“…the Congress can state clearly that certain harsh interrogation techniques will not be permissible,” Bond writes adding “At the same time, this approach allows for the possibility that new techniques that are not explicitly authorized in the AFM (Army Field Manual) , but nevertheless comply with the law, may be developed in the future.”

Another leaked document details a feud between the CIA and Brennan’s group TAC. In it the CIA states that TAC made a “series of bad decisions” including relying on draft documents and getting advice from “outside the Agency rather than asking a simple question to the Agency.”

The CIA also listed working with TAC as being of “Medium High Risk,” according to the document.

The document lays out reasons why the CIA decided not to work with TAC and defended itself after TAC stated their decision was unfair.

A policy paper written by Brennan states his desire for the Director of the NSA and CIA to be 10-year positions, which are confirmed by the Senate in order to remove the positions from the “cycle of partisan political appointments.”

Brennan also states intelligence agencies need to work with the private sector, something the FBI has been having trouble with, according to an Office of the Inspector General Audit.

In the paper, Brennan also discusses his concern about domestic intelligence gathering stating:

“The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, National Security Agency, CIA, and Department of Defense are all engaged in intelligence activities on U.S. soil, and these activities must be consistent with our laws and reflect the democratic principles and values of our Nation.”

The paper is an uncompleted draft and three sections (The Importance of Intelligence Partnerships Worldwide, Damaging Leaks of Confidential Information, The Role and Importance of Nonpartisan Congressional Oversight of Intelligence) remain blank.

The FBI and the Secret Service have stated they will be investigating the leak.

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