Tue, 25 Sep 2018

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  • North Star Radio Hour #6 – CellHawk & ACLU Legislation


    Until now, Hawk Analytics and their product CellHawk have remained hidden from the public eye. CellHawk is a call detail record (CDR) analytics tool used by police departments and private investigators around …

  • North Star Radio Hour #5 – Alden Global Capital & Restore the Fourth MN


    This week, Sam is joined by Dave Orrick of the Pioneer Press. Dave is a longtime reporter with the paper and the two discuss the Pioneer Press

  • North Star Radio Hour #4 – Al Ditty Part III

    North Star Post has obtained a trove of emails between the Minneapolis Police Department and KARE11 via public records request.

    The emails reveal that Rita Hathaway, KARE11 Managing Editor, then and now, received …

  • North Star Radio Hour #3 – Fighting the Surveillance State


    As ‘Restore the Fourth Minnesota’ had a revival meeting this week, pledging a renewed fight for surveillance reform, NSRH turns to these topics.

    Our first interview is with Tony Webster who returns …

  • North Star Radio Hour #2 – Al Ditty Part II

    Sam continues the investigation by reaching out to the City, Kare11, NBC Universal, and the law firm that took over from Al Ditty’s lawyer. After that, we feature two

  • North Star Radio Hour # 1 – Al Ditty Part I

    Our first episode is part I of a multipart series investigating the Al Ditty story. He was a dedicated public servant, son, brother & whistleblower who took his own life following what

  • DEFCON 25 – Spies in the Skies

    Editor’s Note: The slides we presented at DEFCON 25 are at the bottom of this story which details what we spoke about and more.

    The Spies in the Skies

    Law enforcement agencies have used aircraft for decades to conduct surveillance, but modern radio, camera, and electronics technology has dramatically expanded the power and scope of police surveillance capabilities.

    The Iraq …